Link Pack 9.16.15


Switch questioning around
Cris Tovani urges us to spend time helping students hone their questioning skills and ignite learning by having them do more of the question-asking in class

Importance of questions
A quick video on how we must prepare our students for the future

Deeper learning
From Grant Lichtman . . . a summary list of three key elements teachers can use to answer the question “what should I do to transform my classroom?”

Thinking like Einstein and Edison
The solutions of this century (and beyond) will come from creative people who are willing to look at doing things differently . . . here are two easy ideas to help us teach our kids to be creative

A useful site to help keep wonderment alive in the classroom; use the “Daily Wonder” to jumpstart critical thinking and support natural curiosity or check out the collection of “Wonders” for content specific themes

Importance of creativity
A short video that helps us understand why creativity matters, why we must foster it and why we need to make sure it is at the center of learning

Start Empathy
A resource-packed site about Start Empathy, an initiative of Ashoka, “a community of individuals and institutions dedicated to building a future in which every child masters empathy” . . . don’t miss the Stop Bullying video created by three 8-year old friends

upcoming events 3

5th Annual Bay Area Science Festival
October 22–November 7, 2015. Largest science education event in the Bay Area for adults and children. Two weeks. 50 events. Unleash your inner scientist.

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