Link Pack 3.21.16

poetry puzzle piece
Poem of the day
4 good reasons to start class with a poem each day in April in honor of National Poetry Month . . . or as a regular practice 

Wait, wait, wait . . .
5 things teachers can do to improve student learning and development in the classroom . . . by waiting

What can people do to get better at learning?
A brief video highlighting responses from a group of esteemed professors, engineers, and journalists at the Aspen Ideas Festival

The happiness factor
Dr. Emma Seppala, author of The Happiness Track, explains how and why happiness is not something we can afford to lose in our classrooms . . . it is crucial to building the foundation of deep, meaningful learning

Beautiful questions in the classroom
5 ways to help our students become deep questioners who solve real problems 

Worth a listen!
A KQED Forum interview with Stanford professor, Jo Boaler, who calls on educators to shift thinking and revolutionize the way Math is taught

Which one doesn’t belong?
A site dedicated to providing thought-provoking math-y puzzles for teachers and students . . . many right answers possible . . . good discussions inevitable
(don’t miss this related link for younger kids, too)

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