Link Pack 5.16.16


Ending the year well
5 end-of-the-year activities to help you and your students reflect on the year of learning

Let them use fingers!
The latest research re-emphasizes that students who have well-developed visual thinking will be poised for success in the world’s new workplace . . . and it starts with lifting the ban on the use of fingers in math class

In the spirit of inquiry
Inductive learning engages students in higher-level thinking by having them analyze examples before being introduced to overarching theories or rules

Fun-filled formative assessment
10 ways to help spice up how you check for understanding in the classroom

Bending the rules of light
Pixar’s director of photography, Danielle Feinberg, reveals how she creates stories with soul and wonder using math, science and code . . . inspiration for students imagining their future

Power of podcasts
Using podcasts in the classroom can help build students’ creative potential, prompt them to draw more novel pictures, think up more unique questions, and solve problems in more imaginative ways . . . Don’t miss these 2 great ones:  Brains On and Tumble

An easy-to-use digital tool that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school

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