Link Pack 9.27.16


Seeing as understanding
Dr. Jo Boaler’s new article on how learning through visual approaches changes mathematics for students and gives them access to deep and new understandings; includes 3 key recommendations for educators and parents and accompanying activities

Assessment for learning (A4L)
10+ formative assessment strategies that help guide teachers’ instruction and give meaningful feedback to students

Stories Teachers Share
KQED’s podcast featuring stories showcasing the stories teachers share with their friends, families and loved ones . . . some funny, others poignant . . . all told in the teacher’s voice

Adventures of a cardboard box
A short video adventure of an imaginative boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box . . . an engaging illustration of how creativity can flourish in an environment that encourages it

Connect students with scientist struggles
14 incredible stories that offer students the opportunity to see the valuable struggles of well-known scientists . . . don’t miss the bonus resource: The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers

Intrigue in the classroom
Teaching Channel’s Sarah Brown Wessling illustrates how to create an environment that encourages curiosity and prompts critical thinking

Brain games and SEL skills
3 simple games, from Harvard’s Usable Knowledge, that can become tools for teaching core social-emotional skills . . . and lead to success throughout the school day for students


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