Link Pack 11.1.16


Gender Insights Coming to Your Classroom
An informative Educational Leadership article about current gender research and how we can increase equity for male and female students; don’t miss the included “Tips for More Gender-Equitable Classrooms”

Spread the Love project
One teacher’s plan of action to promote kindness and increase self esteem in her Middle School classroom

Open Middle
A website chock-full of K-12 math problems that Dan Meyer explains “make math more like things students like” . . . the problems have an “open middle” (meaning there are multiple ways to approach and solve the problem)

More WODB!
Another Which One Doesn’t Belong resource dedicated to providing thought-provoking math puzzles for students (and teachers!)

Maker projects and real learning
5 ways to ensure real learning happens in maker-enhanced projects

Brains On & But Why?
2 kid-centered educational podcasts for use in the classroom (or at home) that explore topics and questions students are continually curious about

Zoom In Inquiry
An instructional strategy that intrigues students to uncover a primary source image, piece by piece, to help them connect to a big idea or relevant theme



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