Link Pack 12.14.16


Empathy holds the key
Empathy has the potential to open up students to deeper learning, drive clarity of thinking, and inspire engagement with the world

The power of stories
Research shows us that reading fiction can help students develop empathy and understand how to handle their own and other people’s feelings

Your students need you . . . now more than ever
Alan November’s TEDx talk on the key role today’s educator has in ensuring students are armed with skills to help them go beyond scratching the surface of gaining knowledge

Books! Blind SpotWhat If? & Humble Inquiry
Three good reads to help us recognize hidden biases, explore issues of diversity and learn the gentle art of asking instead of telling

Fake news
A KQED podcast highlighting the new Stanford study that reveals today’s students are struggling to distinguish ads from articles, neutral sources from biased ones and fake accounts from real ones . . . find the full article here

“The Lie”
In a short video, 4th grade students from an Alabama school share their thoughts on lies they have heard about people who look like them

Comic books as an entry point to non-fiction
Teaching Channel’s Sarah Brown Wessling shows how having students tackle a complex task using a familiar medium can help them develop understanding . . . and engage them along the way





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