Link Pack 3.13.17

Handwriting Old Way or New Way with marker on visual screen

Humility is the new smart
A thought-provoking podcast interview with author/professor Edward Hess explaining how the “Smart Age” now evolving has no place for ego—quality of ideas, accuracy, emotional intelligence and mindfulness will be the focus in our students’ future

Putting rhymes to good use: Dr. Suess
A clever, fast-moving video essay about the most influential writer in children’s literature

Border crossings
A collection of games supported by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) that teachers can use in class to explore issues around immigrants and refugees

Math . . . say more!
A useful graphic with 100 questions that promote mathematical discourse

Students on mindset
Jo Boaler’s new mini-movie featuring students describing the power of mindset math
in their own words

What is formative assessment?
A  two-minute video explainer from EdWeek

Penny vs. dollar questions
An engaging way to help our youngest students learn to restructure their thoughts and formulate effective questions

BONUS: (re-published from May, 2016 Teach+Learn post)
An easy-to-use digital tool that empowers students (K-8) to independently document what they are learning at school and build digital portfolios; simple enough for all ages to comfortably use

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