Link Pack 4.30.17

moment of sci
Science Spoonfuls
A supplement to NPR’s Science Friday podcast . . . doses of current science, technology, and engineering stories ready for the classroom; each contains a short piece of media and suggestions for extending student exploration into the science behind the story

Number talk images
A beautiful collaborative project dedicated to gathering interesting images to be used as a launching point for Number Talks

It’s tricky . . .
A reminder that giving effective feedback to students is more of an art than a simple practice

What are you practicing?
Dave Mochel’s TEDx talk focusing on how consistently combining awareness with deliberate action leads to fulfillment, well-being, growth and connection

Twitter slip
A short video featuring a trusted formative assessment strategy . . . with a twist

A “Cult of Pedagogy” post/podcast highlighting how well-designed curation projects can boost higher order thinking in the classroom

53 Ways to Check for Understanding
A handy list of strategies to help verify what students have learned and adjust teaching appropriately


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