Link Pack 2.25.18

Navigating conversations about tragedy
Mind/Shift’s useful primer on talking with kids about terrible things

Funville Adventures
A new delightfully math-y book involving a series of characters with magical powers in a fantastical land where functions (one of the most important ideas of higher mathematics) come to life

IGNITE presentations
This unique presentation structure (20 slides, 15 seconds each) can be a powerful  culminating activity for students—one that challenges them to be creative, engaging and succinct

Empowering global learners
A veteran Apple Distinguished Educator shares why even our youngest students benefit from lowering classroom walls and welcoming the world in as they learn every day

Courageous conversations
From the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) . . . a video series designed to shift the conversation and prompt a deeper, more authentic discussion about issues of racial equity in schools—discussion guides and resources included

Mistakes matter
40 things we learn from making mistakes

Big as life
Teaching Channel’s Sarah Brown Wessling shares a novel twist on using graphic organizers to push students’ thinking as they synthesize information






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