Link Pack 9.14.18

But why?
An informative podcast series based on input submitted by children—they ask the questions and Vermont Public Radio hosts Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette gamely find the answers

Culturally Responsive Teaching—4 misconceptions
Educator and author, Zaretta Hammond, shares some common misconceptions about culturally responsive teaching in a podcast interview with Cult of Pedagogy’s Jennifer Gonzalez

Introvert, dear
An enlightening website with the mission of letting introverts everywhere know it’s okay to be who they are . . . and thrive in an extroverted world

5 benefits of play
A look at the benefits of unstructured play and its brain building capabilities–including fostering creativity, helping children learn to invent, negotiate and problem solve 

Importance of Struggle!
The newest short video from Stanford’s Jo Boaler and YouCubed—highlighting the importance of struggle in the learning process

More talking, please
Strategies for facilitating consistent and structured collaborative conversations with students that can improve overall classroom environment

Storytelling in the classroom
 3 ideas for including a little more time for storytelling in the classroom–for writers who need to tell their stories aloud (sometimes many times) to figure out what they want to say


Giver or Taker?
Adam Grant’s TED talk about the 3 different kinds of workplace personalities (givers, takers, matchers) — a companion piece to his book Give and Take

Empathy is a verb
Educational psychologist Michele Borba’s TEDx talk chronicling her journey to discover how to optimize human potential and cultivate empathy — a companion piece to her book UnSelfie



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